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"Děti fitness aneb sportem proti drogám"®

"Children fitness alias sports against drugs" is a competition format designed especially for those who don´t want to take aerobic, dance and the like on the top level but still want to have a goal in the form of prestigious international tournament with a long tradition. The basic categories (so–called Children fitness) so don´t require any mandatory elements demonstrating the range or power. The main criterion for evaluation of competing individuals is the enthusiasm and efforts of children in group choreography competition is primarily the resourcefulness presented to assembly. Already 6 years ago, we based on the interests of children and dedicated to the industry in performance-form open category of „Profi“ (see rules). Part of the finale of group choreography takes place as usual, many times in exclusive areas of Prague´s O2 Arena. Since 2010 is an international competition. The competition is divided into several basic parts, take place as progressive as non-rolling system.

„Children fitness alias sports against drugs“®

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